For modern learning professionals

    We don’t build planes the way we did 20 years ago. Today’s training shouldn’t be built in the same way to the same standards, either.  

    Yet many certification offerings for training design and development professionals are stuck in legacy methods and goals.  

    Allen Academy certification is different.  

    With expert coaching, active learning, and a dedicated cohort of peers, you'll gain the skills and the confidence necessary to design and develop training programs that stand apart in their effectiveness and appeal to learners.  

    Our certifications

    Allen-Certified Instructional Professional: Storyline 

    Learn critical design principles to make a real difference in your organization, then learn how to bring them to life in the software you’re already using. 

    • 101 - Designing InteractivityLearn core design principles. Includes a brief introduction to and practice in iterative rapid design with sketching. 
    • 102 - Building Instructional Interactions with Articulate Storyline: Learn how to use Storyline to create interactions outside of the traditional “test-question” model. Participants should have some Storyline knowledge.
    • 103 - Instructional Design for e-LearningLearn effective analysis methods to identify measurable performance outcomes, techniques for working with SMEs, writing for interactivity, and organizational tools. 
    • 104 - Capstone Project and Coaching: Put it all together. Apply what you’ve learned in the first three courses to a real project from your organization. Our expert faculty will coach you along the way with personalized feedback and mentoring. 

    Allen-Certified Instructional Professional: Captivate 

    Coming soon!  

    Our faculty


    As Chief Instructional Strategist for Allen Interactions, Ethan Edwards draws from more than 30 years of industry experience as an elearning instructional designer and developer. He also is a frequent blogger for Allen Interactions’ e-Learning Leadership Blog

    Dr. Nan Thornton has been working in the fields of instructional design and e-learning for 30 years. Her professional experience runs the gamut from instructional designer and project manager to consultant and trainer. Nan is passionate about instructional design and cognitive science, and supports the Serious eLearning Manifesto and the Debunker's Club