Get the skills you need to make a change.

The Allen Academy offers instructor-led training that teaches you how to create, support, and evaluate great learning experiences that make a difference.

A new Academy for modern learning professionals


Whether you're a new designer trying to break into the industry or a seasoned L&D leader, the Allen Academy will expand your abilities to fund, design, develop, and evaluate modern learning solutions. 

In our online training programs, you'll use instructional design principles to tackle performance problems that organizations actually have, incorporating the tools and resources you have available. Build the confidence you need to make a real impact.



Expert Coaching

Faculty are industry experts with deep industry experience. They'll provide you with continuing professional support and mentoring throughout each program.



Learn by Doing

We employ active learning techniques, so you’re never just learning theory for theory’s sake. You'll apply learning theory to performance problems organizations actually have.


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Prove Your Mastery

Each program includes a capstone practicum where you apply what you’ve learned in your coursework to a real project. You’ll get helpful and valuable feedback from your instructor and peers.


Peer Support

Classes are small. You’ll get to know your classmates very well, which is great for networking and building meaningful, lasting professional relationships.