The Allen Academy offers an ever-expanding selection of courses and programs about learning design, evaluation, and leadership, developed and taught by some of the best minds in the industry.

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Design courses offer training in learning theory, instructional design, learning experience design (LX), rapid prototyping, course development, digital media design, asset production and more.

ACIP Design Credential Program (4 courses)

This program enrolls you in four Allen Academy courses:  Design 101, Design 102, Design 103, and Design 104. Finish the program to earn a credential and digital badge, and professional status as an Allen-Certified Instructional Professional (Level 1).

Design 101: Instructional Interactivity

Learn the core design principles of effective, learner-centered instructional interactivity. Explore concepts from Dr. Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning 2nd Edition, such as the 3 Ms, CCAF, and iterative rapid design through sketching.

Design 102: Building Instructional Interactions

Bridge the gap between understanding a design and being able to build it. In this course, you will use Articulate Storyline to create robust CCAF interactions in this workshop-style course.

Design 103: Designing for e-Learning

Learn how to convert a real organizational need into a powerful learning solution. Topics will include analysis techniques, identifying performance outcomes, writing for interactivity, and organizational tools.

Design 104: Practicum and Individual Coaching

Bring CCAF and other design principles to life in your daily work. Get expert coaching on your own project from Academy instructors while you work on a project of your own choosing.

Mobile Learning Strategy and Design

Developed and facilitated by Dr. Clark Quinn, this course will help you plan your organization's mobile learning strategy and design solutions appropriate for mobile devices.


Training with Short Simulations

Developed and facilitated by interactive learning guru Clark Aldrich, this course will help you create short simulations that are quick, engaging, and focused on performance.


Building Instructional Interactions (Captivate)

This course is similar to Design 102, but with Adobe Captivate instead of Articulate Storyline. Can be substituted for Design 102 for the ACIP-1 credential.


Graphic Design for e-Learning

Practice identifying and creating appropriate graphics for e-learning. Learn to align graphics with desired outcomes and the needs of your audience.


Learning Leadership

Leadership courses offer instruction in team management, program development, organizational change, development processes, and more.

Learning Leadership 101

This asynchronous online course is for organizational leaders, HR professionals, and training providers. Learn to design learning ecosystems that drive organizational performance and generate valuable data, and how to communicate your vision in an effective executive pitch.


CLO Electives

We have several standalone "elective" courses in development, and we can't wait to share them with you! Future electives for CLOs will include courses about organizational culture, creating centers of excellence, "extreme teaming," overcoming road blocks to digital transformation, and more.


The Successive Approximation Model (SAM)

SAM is an Agile-compatible approach to the development of instructional products. It exhorts iterative development and emphasizes collaboration. Explore how you can use SAM to generate more impactful learning experiences for your organization.


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