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Dr. Michael Allen lays out the vision for the Allen Academy, describes the skills needed by today's learning professionals, and discusses the benefits of earning an Allen Academy credential.

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Past Webinars

Step Up Your e-Learning Designs with the Allen Academy

If you’re an instructional designer or e-learning developer, our initial certificate program is tailored for you. Join veteran instructors and designers Ethan Edwards and Nan Thornton for a 30-minute webinar for a preview of this series of 4 courses structured to elevate your design and development ability.



Growing Your Modern L&D Team: What Skills Do We Need?

As an L&D leader, you aim to keep your team up to speed with the latest technologies and methods. It isn’t easy—there are more ways to create and deliver learning experiences than ever before. Join Dr, Michael Allen Ethan Edwards and Christopher for this 30-minute webinar to learn how the Allen Academy program helps L&D professionals hone the skills they need to navigate the modern learning landscape.

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