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Practical, Powerful, Simulation-based Learning

A webinar on training with Short Sims with Clark Aldrich, interviewed by Dr. Michael Allen

Thursday, July 30th, 2020 | 2:00 PM Central

Join industry experts Clark Aldrich & Dr. Michael Allen (bios below) as they take your questions about what Short Sims are and how online learning content may have evolved if PowerPoint had never been created.  Being created more quickly than traditional contend, this new type of educational media engages learners by allowing them to make a series of interesting, relevant decisions with feedback.  Clark will also give an overview of his upcoming Academy course, Training with Short Sims, starting this August.

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ClarkAldrichPNGClark Aldrich


Clark Aldrich is one of the world’s top educational simulation and interface designers, called a 'guru' by Fortune Magazine and a 'maverick' by CNN. He and his work in educational media have been featured in hundreds of sources, including CBS, ABC, The New York Times, USA Today, AP, Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNET, Business 2.0, BusinessWeek, and U.S. News and World Report.

Aldrich is the creator of Short Sims, a revolutionary pedagogy designed to fill a critical gap in educational media by delivering greater speed, active content, and better metrics. Aldrich develops custom Short Sims through www.shortsims.com. You can purchase his newest book, Short Sims: A Game Changer (April 2020), from the Allen Academy Bookstore

You can follow Clark on Twitter @clarkaldrich.


MichaelDr. Michael Allen


For 45 years, Dr. Michael Allen has been a pioneer in defining unique methods of instructional design and development to provide Meaningful and Memorable learning experiences through "true" cognitive interactivity.  He is the founder and CEO of Allen Interactions.  

He is a prolific writer with nine published books on designing effective e-learning solutions, including his latest second edition: Michael Allen’s Guide to e-Learning.  


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