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ACIP: e-Learning Instructional Design and Development Program


Based on the industry-leading ideas from Michael Allen’s Guide to e-Learning, this program will fundamentally change the way you perceive the design and development of e-learning and the possibilities for success! You’ll learn both critical design principles and the skills you need with the tools you’re already using to make a performance difference in your organization.

Completion of this program earns you an Allen Certified Instructional Professional (ACIP) Level 1 credential

Full program price: $4,995

  • $1,295 per course ($200 off standard individual course price)
  • Pay full price at registration or pay in monthly installments (up to 6 months)

Upcoming Program Start Dates

  • Summer cohort starting May 4th, 2020
  • Fall cohort starting October 6th, 2020

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Four Courses


Design 101: Instructional Interactivity

This course is a foundation course for all Allen Academy Programs.

Learn the core design principles of Learner-Centered Design, Instructional Interactivity (CCAF), the Three Success Factors (M&Ms), and the Magic Keys to enhancing motivation. Includes a brief introduction to and practice in iterative rapid design with sketching.

In this course, you will:

  • Create meaningful, instructional context
  • Manipulate risk and consequences to challenge learners
  • Focus design on meaningful behavioral outcomes
  • Employ feedback as a crucial teaching vehicle
  • Apply simple design elements to transform learner motivation
  • Develop interactivity design ideas through sketching and prototyping

Design 102: Building Instructional Interactions

Bridge the gap between understanding design and being able to build it. In this course, you will use your preferred development tool to create robust CCAF interactions.

Participate in a hands-on workshop to learn how to use Storyline or Captivate to build instructional interactions. Basic knowledge of the tools is assumed. Learners will learn how to create interactions outside of the traditional “test-question” model, focusing specifically on using imagery and hot-spot and hot-object interactivity to create compelling context, using variables to track actions and delay judgment, and non-linear sequencing. This will be a multi-week course with required independent work.


Design 103: Designing for e-Learning

Learn how to convert a real business learning need into a powerful learning solution.

This course presents core instructional design ideas, tailored specifically for creating interactive instruction. Topics will include effective analysis techniques to identify measurable performance outcomes, writing for interactivity, and organizational tools.

You’ll learn and apply known design strategies for transfer of skills, including spaced practice, selection of appropriate examples and non-examples, procedural learning, problem-solving, and designing for attitude objectives. 

You’ll practice:

  • Effective techniques for working with SMEs
  • Writing for interactivity
  • Employing strategies for transfer of skills

Design 104: Practicum and Coaching

Get expert coaching on your own project from Academy instructors.

  • Work on real work!
  • Individual guidance & feedback on your project from your program instructors
  • Bring CCAF and other design principles to life

Digital Credentials




The Allen Academy partners with Credly to provide digital credentials on the Acclaim platform, which empowers individuals to capture opportunities, and enables organizations to measure impact. The Allen Academy leverages the power of Acclaim to provide you widely recognized digital credentials to represent your skills.

Upon completing the four-course e-Learning Instructional Design and Development Program, you will be granted the Allen-Certified Instructional Professional (ACIP) Level 1 credential through Acclaim.

Added to your LinkedIn profile or your portfolio site, your certification will link to evidence of your accomplishments. Learn more about Credly digital credentials at



Ethan Edwards, Instructor

As Chief Instructional Strategist for Allen Interactions, Ethan Edwards draws from more than 30 years of industry experience as an e-learning instructional designer and developer. He spent many years teaching certification classes for ATD, and he is a frequent blogger for Allen Interactions’ e-Learning Leadership Blog


Dr. Nan Thornton, Instructor

Dr. Nan Thornton has been working in the fields of instructional design and e-learning for 30 years. Her professional experience runs the gamut from instructional designer and project manager to consultant and trainer. Nan is passionate about instructional design and cognitive science, and supports the Serious e-Learning Manifesto and the Debunker's Club

Upcoming Program Start Dates

  • Summer cohort starting May 4th, 2020
  • Fall cohort starting October 6th, 2020

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